We can support the process of cross-border authorisation for fund marketing and the ongoing registration maintenance of the authorised funds in each target country.

With Kneip you can create a central repository to manage the types of authorisation required for each fund by country, the tax transparency status and your lists of agents by country. Through an online dashboard you can gain full transparency over the registration process. Our intuitive interface allows you to simply drag-and-drop your funds on a map to initiate the registration into a new country.


  • Track the status of the registration of your funds in the different target countries
  • Reduce administrative burden during the authorisation process
  • Align with the distribution requirements and best practices in all target countries
  • Faster time to market for new funds
  • Competitive pricing on the market
  • Elimination of audit independence concerns

What's included?

  • Initial and ongoing filing of all legal fund documentation (incl. prospectus, KIIDs  and Semi-Annual and Annual reports) to the home regulator
  • Registration and ongoing maintenance  of UCITS and AIFs in targeted countries  of distribution
  • Ease of use through an intuitive online interface (e.g. drag-and-drop a fund on world map to register it into new country, centrally maintained extractable registration matrix  at share class level)
  • Compliance by aligning distribution requirements and best practices
  • Monitoring of local regulatory deadlines to ensure that they are met
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