We can automate the production of Annual and Semi-Annual reports as well as Liquidation and Merger reports in accordance with German, Swiss and Luxembourg GAAP accounting rules. The entire financial reporting process is covered, from data import, to calculation, document production and dissemination. Your reports can be translated accordingly, and we can even incorporate external documents from third parties. If auditors require changes, you generally do not need to re-send files. We can apply the changes and keep track of those changes.


  • Automate the production of Annual and Semi-Annual reports, and Liquidation and Merger reports
  • Stay ahead of regulatory changes with timely reports updates to ensure compliance in any jurisdiction
  • Drive cost-efficiency by automating import, calculation, data monitoring and report validation checks

What's included?

  • Annual and Semi-Annual report generation
  • Liquidation and merger report production
  • Translation management
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