30 September 2022

ESAs update SFDR RTS for nuclear, gas. Application date: “beyond their control”

Within the past hour, the European Supervisory Authorities have issued a report containing proposed amendments to their SFDR / TR technical specifications (which were only recently finalised and legally published in July).

These latest changes were previously mandated by the European Commission to reflect the legal recognition of nuclear and gas activities as part of the EU Taxonomy.

The ESA proposals include amended versions of the Product disclosure templates (per Annexes II, III, IV, V), notably:

New indicators of financial products investing in fossil gas and/or nuclear energy,
New versions of graphs depicting these investments (aligned with the Taxonomy, including key performance indicators).

However, the ESAs admit the application date of these changes is “beyond their control” and it is left for the EC to decide if the application date of 1 Jan 2023 will apply.

More to follow shortly in the latest Sustainable Finance update.

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