We can help you understand, monitor and document your distribution networks, and ensure that the target market requirements you have defined are being met, or not. With Kneip you can monitor the relationship among intermediaries, potential negative target market activity, activity not in line with the scope of the distribution agreement and activity in a country where the fund is not registered. You can even see what transactions are linked to the individual sales manager and it can be broken down by fund, by country, by sub-fund, by distributor.

With our UME-powered Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ), you can save up to 90% time on the current due diligence of
your fund distributors and leverage our community to grow your distribution network. We also provide the contact information, risk scoring and supporting documents to help you identify and select the most appropriate fund distributor.

DDQ is powered by UME


  • Perform active oversight and assessment of the distribution network
  • Ensure compliance with international and local regulations
  • Perform due diligence and leverage our platform to identify, benchmark and select new fund distributors
  • Monitor transactions and positions to ensure alignment, with the target market and distribution agreement
  • Take advantage of superior sales and product reporting, and richer financial analytics

What's included?

  • Create a fund distribution network through a unique capability to assign custody/nominee structures to distributors
  • Assign transactions and/or positions, wholly or partially, to indirect distributors using industry standard templates (e.g. EFT)
  • Record details of the Distribution Agreement with an optional ability to perform due diligence through a DDQ on each documented distributor
  • Comprehensive reporting suite for transactions and positions creating an unrivalled MI capability
  • Fee calculations (e.g. retrocessions) to determine financial results from a variety of data points (e.g. income by distributor, income by sub-fund or fund, net money inflow by sales person, etc.)
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