We can help you understand, monitor and document the activities of your distribution networks. With Kneip you can monitor the relationship among intermediaries, activity not in line with the scope of the distribution agreement and activity in a country where the fund is not registered. You can even see what transactions are linked to the individual sales manager and it can be broken down by fund, by country, by sub-fund, by distributor.

With our UME-powered Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ), you can save up to 90% time on the current due diligence of your fund distributors and leverage our community to grow your distribution network. We also provide the contact information, risk scoring and supporting documents to help you identify and select the most appropriate fund distributor.

DDQ is powered by UME


  • Reduce operational cost with sales performance control
  • Consolidate and manage Negative Target Market reports
  • Stay compliant and demonstrate proper oversight and documentation
  • Perform efficient due diligence of your distributors

What's included?

  • Keep record of Negative Target Market and contractual compliance on reported data
  • Use of extensive business rule capability to deconsolidate the Transfer Agent’s records on retrospective
  • Use of Transfer Agency data on transactions and investor positions as the golden record
  • Supports the Complex Multi-Tiered model with multiple distributors in a single chain
  • User defined interface to manage different layouts beyond MiFID Feedback Template
  • Take advantage of extensive reporting capabilities
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