Distributors are responsible for providing fund information via their website or their platforms, to enable investments either directly to end investors or via sub-distributors. This is driven by regulatory requirements (e.g. UCITS KIID, prospectus, target market) as well as marketing purposes and the need to correctly advise investors (e.g. static data, fund factsheet). Providing accurate information across every fund that Distributors make available is often a challenge and one that tends to grow exponentially – and consume resources – with scale.

Achieving 100% coverage whilst keeping costs under control can be challenging

Complex data sourcing

Most Distributors reach out to different vendors to cover all ISINs and end up subscribing to and managing different feeds from different sources

Complicated IT infrastructure

To manage many sources and allow for different transmissions methods in, often in different formats

Inefficient use of resources

With thousands of static fields, name differently by different provider, the task to normalize that data is huge

Poor data quality

Issues arise when inaccurate data and documents are published, with fund marketing an regulatory compliance

Data collection as an enabler for profitability and growth

Kneip works between Asset Managers and Distributors to offer a single source of data and documents you can trust

Reduce cost of data & document collection

Access data sources directly via Kneip’s network, and reduce time to market for new funds offered

Ensure data accuracy

Ensure timeliness and accuracy of collected data and documents by collecting right from the source without third party in between, thanks to Kneip’s network and regulatory/market expertise

Simplify your process

Receive data & documents in a flexible way for the file format and transmission method, with a solution agnostic to sources and formats

A single feed for all your data and documents to be collected

You define your scope and we do the work for you by simply feeding you the right data and documents for all your ISINs.

Kneip’s Data Collection service includes

  • Static data
  • Dynamic data
  • Regulatory data (EMT and EPT)
  • Fund disclosure documents (KIID, KID, Prospectus and FFS) and Financial reporting (annual and semi-annual reports)
  • EET, Holdings, corporate actions and holiday calendar

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