The business challenge

The process of sourcing data and documents to maintain regulatory compliance is increasingly complex, and the amount of information to source continues to increase. As a result, financial institutions are expected to collect data and documents from multiple sources to achieve maximum possible coverage.

Yet achieving 100% coverage for your funds whilst keeping costs under control can be a real challenge and not least because of the rising cost of change management as firms need to adapt to new industry standards.

As a consequence of this complexity, data and documents collected can be of low quality which means clients do not trust them and it can be difficult to achieve short time to market to adapt to new fund offering.

Our solution

With Kneip collecting consistent data and documents is easy, efficient and cost effective. ‚Äč

Kneip collects data directly from the original sources and we proactively check it to ensure best quality and consistency.

That means our clients spend less time and resources to source, manage and verify data.

The solution also helps clients ensure compliance by reducing the risk of sharing outdated PRIIPS and MIFID data.

This approach leads to increased fund sales as more funds are available more quickly to investors with reliable data.

Latest news

Kneip and Fondsdepot Bank partner to improve data quality in German fund market

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