From day one, we have been involved in many different social or sustainability projects in line with our corporate values. In 2004 we decided as a company to increase our dedication to being socially responsible.


Mentoring project

The Challenge of Tutoring is a two year, European Leonardo da Vinci partnership which focuses on the field of Tutoring.

Coordinated by GIP Formation tout au long de la Vie (France), this partnership is composed of 7 organisations from different countries: ARCES University College (Italy), CCOO Comisiones Obreras (Spain), CKU (Poland), GIP FTLV (France), KNEIP (Luxembourg), OTD (Norway), and Uludag University – Vocational School of Social Sciences (Turkey).

The aim of the workgroup is to share best practices, and analyse their experiences in the field of tutoring, while producing a charter that can be used across various structures(schools, companies, training institutions, social associations, etc.).

The Charter was finalised in June of 2011, and establishes some common benchmarks and a joint methodology for promoting a European Framework of Tutor(ship).

The main purpose of this document is to inspire people and institutions both at a national and at an international level to the relevance of the tutoring in the educational framework and, more in general, in the lifelong learning opportunities. The Charter is composed of 3 documents: the Charter, the results of the workshops and the testimonials specific to each partners national context/organisation. Join the LinkedIn group “The Challenge of Tutoring” to participate in discussions.

Kriibskrank Kanner

The Kriibskrank Kanner Foundation was created over than 20 years ago, and gives support to families of children with cancer. Kneip contribute to the foundation in various ways such as: Donations from Christmas cards sent to our clients Donations of the proceeds of sale of the Christmas event DVD.

Red Cross

Kneip set up a range of actions in collaboration with the Red Cross: Gathering of toys, books and DVD’s for children Gathering of clothes and bags for children Participating in the Christmas Tree action in December Organising internal breakfast events to collect funds Providing competencies in formatting and designing their annual reports Welcoming student from Centre d’Accueil for a summer job.

Training on competencies

Working in a big company means having the opportunity to take our personal skills to a higher level not only by challenging ourselves but also by learning from the other team members. This is what the training on competencies is about. Kneip team members have the opportunity to apply for training delivered by others team members in technical and general fields such as open source software, MS Office pack.

Fair Trade

Kneip actively supports fair trade by purchasing Fair Trade coffee and sugar for consumption by its employees.

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