28 April 2022

Countdown to PRIIPs webinar

PRIIPs has always had its share of changes and uncertainty. In recent weeks, new major developments took place (UK PRIIPs, FinSA-BIB, EPT 2.0, CEPT 2.0), and with a big deadline looming at the end of the year, Asset Managers have a lot on their plates.

In this webinar, two regulatory experts will bring you up the speed with the latest developments on PRIIPs, and help you navigate the coming months on the road to PRIIPs compliance.


On 25 March 2022, the FCA published a policy statement setting out amendments to the UK PRIIPs disclosure regime. These changes will directly affect all persons manufacturing, selling, or advising on a PRIIP, and manufacturers and distributors expect a very challenging 9 months ahead as they are now required to prepare for at least three different European regimes (EU, UK, Swiss).

Earlier in February, FinDatEx published their revised European PRIIPS Template (EPT v2.0). While intended to be used for products sold from January 2023 onwards, it is emphasised that “data contained in the EPT is communicated by asset managers to insurers in good time before this date”.

FinDatEx have also recently launched another consultation covering the European Comfort PRIIPs Template (CEPT 2.0) recently updated by their PRIIPs technical working group. The CEPT template is based on a bilateral (“comfort”) agreements between providers of underlying options for PRIIPs and insurers; the latest PRIIPS KID RTS means changes are now necessary.


Join Andreas Stepnitzka, Deputy Director for Regulatory Policy at EFAMA, and Ulf Herbig, Head of Product at Kneip, in this live webinar to find out everything you need to know and do today to stay ahead of PRIIPs.


Ulf Herbig leads Kneip’s product strategy & product proposition and is also the technical coordinator of the EFAMA PRIIPs Expert Group.

Andreas Stepnitzka coordinates EFAMA’s advocacy around tax & accounting, distribution & client disclosures and stewardship & ESG.


May 18, 2022 03:00 PM CEST

Sign up here: https://kneip.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_G2XN163FSomsba-TvQLStA

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