Serving your funds wherever you take them

Launching funds into new jurisdictions can be a daunting task but with Kneip on your team you don’t have to worry about understanding local regulations or deciphering how to get your funds in front of local investors.

Outsource the pain, insource the expertise

We can work with you operationally to ensure that your fund data and documents are published accurately and in the most efficient way – across all of your destinations. We’re also uniquely positioned to work with you strategically to help you figure out the best way to expand your distribution footprint and grow your business, by identifying those destinations, that suit your distribution strategy best.

Fill in the holes in your distribution footprint

Fact: even if you are marketing your funds to all the right destinations, it’s unlikely that you consistently publish all the outputs and your funds may not be selectable by potential investors. For example, if you were to market your fund to a destination without an EMT, a wealth manager could not advise potential investors because of the absence of target market. Our teams can make sure that your scope is fully aligned across your destinations, so that all the right information is published everywhere you market your funds.

Influential on your behalf

We serve funds in 44 countries, so our clients have a straightforward access to a broad distribution network. We’re on top of local regulatory requirements and we have existing relationships with local regulators, media vendors and distribution platforms.

Your guide on the road to fund marketing

Ultimately any destination stands between you and your end investor, and this is where Kneip brings value. We’re completely neutral in the industry, and we work with a broad range of destinations, which is continuously growing, following our clients’ demand. We do not just understand how they work, we work with them as partners and we keep on top of any changes that we feedback to our clients.

Marketing your funds in Belgium

In this webinar we discuss the current state of the Belgium market with TrustMedia (L'Echo, Tijd) and consider ways to reach more potential investors.

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