KNEIP welcomes Students during their school holidays. This is an opportunity for young people to gain some initial practical experience within the financial sector, to find out about their personal aspirations, to show their motivation and earn some money to fund their future projects. KNEIP is happy to receive CVs of motivated Students that are interested to work for our company, so please send us your CV and motivation letter. We review CVs for the summer period, at the end of March, April and May each year. Those students that correspond to internal needs will be contacted for an interview with the hiring manager.
For Summer Jobs, the Luxembourgish labor code defines the following hiring criteria (Student Jobs):
  • The student:
  • is between 15 and 26 years old (the pupil/student must not have turned 27);
  • is enrolled in a teaching establishment in Luxembourg or abroad and follows a regular full-time education programme, or;
  • whose school registration has ended less than 4 months ago.
  • The remuneration is fixed by law according to age
  • During the same calendar year (from 1 January to 31 December), a Student can only be hired for a maximum period of 2 months (even if during the calendar year several contracts are concluded with the same student)
  • The student's sick days are not paid. Public holidays are generally not worked and not paid. The Student is entitled to leave for personal reasons (extraordinary leave) but the leave is not paid
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