KNEIP welcomes Trainees who want to acquire experience within the financial sector and seek an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired during their more theory-based studies. Universities and higher education establishments are increasingly incorporating training placements (internships) into their educational programmes. Internships will help you sharpen your skills as well as build a valuable network of business contacts. If you are keen on working with KNEIP as a Trainee, please send us your CV and motivation letter.
The Luxembourgish labour code says the following:
  • It enables students to discover professional work environments and to acquire their first work experience. The internship is designed essentially to give the trainee an opportunity for orientation. The work to be performed during an internship has a predominantly educational character; an internship supervisor will assist the trainee within the host company
  • An internship agreement is part of the school programme (mandatory internship); the teaching establishment has to provide a standard internship agreement form. For non-resident trainees, the school has to foresee the social security cover during the internship. If this is not the case, then the trainee has to seek his/her own coverage
  • The remuneration of the trainee is not compulsory and is paid at the discretion of the employer. There is no minimum or maximum legal amount
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