How does Bill Gates apply to the fund industry? Who wakes up with the urge to buy small cap Japanese equity fundWhy shouldn’t we treat the upcoming regulations as a scapegoat of the industry?

Want to find out? 

Listen to Richard Lepere, the Managing Director of Fund Channel S.A. interviewed by Mario Mantrisi, the Senior Advisor to the CEO at KNEIP. 

The interview was conducted during at the ALFI Global Distribution Conference 2014. We talked to Richard Lepere just after a panel on “Reconciling the competing interests of the fund manufacturers and distributors” to which he was invited together with Becky Tilston-Hales from BlackRock; Iain Evans from Polar Capital; Stephen Mohan from Allfunds Bank; and Mario Manrisi from KNEIP.


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  • By Lee Godfrey

  • October 16,2014

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