23 February 2021

A practical guide on managing EU/UK disclosure post Brexit

We are delighted to be hosting this free event in partnership with the Investment Association.

Investor disclosure and industry templates can be a complex task at the best of times, particularly if your funds are distributed in multiple jurisdictions. Like many things, Brexit has brought even more complexity and a great deal of confusion to this particular area.

How similar is investor disclosure between UK and EU? How will they evolve? Will PRIIPs KIDs still be needed to market funds in the UK? Will UK firms require two versions of their UCITS KIIDs if they market in Europe? And should you expect two different implementations of the new SFDR?

Whether your funds are domiciled in Europe or the EU, and regardless of which side of the Channel your firm is based, this webinar will be of relevance to you. The purpose is to help EU/UK Asset Managers understand how to manage cross boarder investor disclosure today and in the near future. We will provide unique insight from the Investment Association before taking a look at five common regulations: UCITS, PRIIPS, MIFID, AIFMD and SFDR. What disclosures live under each regulation today and where do we expect it to go in the coming months. Also the webinar will touch base on industry standards that have been established to support the exchange of data in context of the before mentioned regulations.

Why register

This webinar combines the industry insight and expertise from the Investment Association, the trade body and industry voice for UK investment managers, combined with the unique market perspective and regulatory expertise from Kneip, the leader in fund regulations. We will provide exclusive information and statistics on the broader context of UK investor disclosure, as well as a deep dive on five key regulations: UCITS, PRIIPS, MIFID, AIFDM and SFDR.

Register here: https://kneip.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_l3t5jEgkR4ePm07EVEkYjA

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