14 October 2021

500 participants join Kneip’s PRIIPs webinar

Last Wednesday, 500 participants joined Kneip's webinar "Everything you need to know to prepare for the PRIIPs transition", in partnership with EFAMA.

Thank you to the 500 registered participants who listened to our webinar in partnership with EFAMA yesterday!

The final RTS for the PRIIP KID has just been published, and the current proposed deadline for the end of the UCITS KIID’s grandfathering exemption is set for 1 July 2022. Whilst the publication of the final RTS brings more clarity to the industry, it comes with many more questions as some points in the RTS are open for interpretation.

Ulf Herbig, Head of Product at Kneip, and Andreas Stepnitzka, EFAMA, are leading authorities in fund regulations and compliance, and both contributors on EFAMA’s PRIIPs expert group. They provided unique insight on the RTS to help you understand the changes, to clarify any grey area and to answer your questions.

In addition to providing a comprehensive regulatory update, the webinar was followed by a guide on approaching the PRIIPs transition, including the practical steps and tips to be prepared on time.

For more information about PRIIPs including tools and practical guides, visit www.kneip.com/priips

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