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The Key Investor Information Document is a living document. Managing its content, production and dissemination can be a serious hassle. We’re here to ease the process.


Whether you do mass or small production, we cater for all sized and needs. Our role kicks-off with a setup of the system, so later we can assist you every step of the way. It is not a traditional software installation, but a web-based facility which allows you to access your dissemination wherever you need to, in or out of the office.

Language, dialect, and region management

Ensure that the right KIID is sent in the correct language to the correct recipients with an intelligent system that can handle several languages and dialects per country of distribution, and ensure that necessary regional requirements are accounted for each.


The automated processes of data collection, production and dissemination lead not only to cost efficiency but also allow reusing the gathered data. In consequence, the need for re-drafting and duplicating information is significantly reduced.

Whenever new versions of KIIDs are posted, you will be notified by email. Include a link to download the document on your website, or gain access to the document’s history and traffic monitoring by including a link to download the document on our platform.


We apply strict quality control systems which result in extremely high accuracy and meaningfully improve the consistency of content. The processes are automated hence manual errors are reduced to very low levels. The whole reporting process is compliant with the UCITS IV directive and our skilled, experienced team with top-tier software support is available in case any question you might have.


The KNEIP Document Library acts as a central repository for all your KIIDs, giving you document versioning that prevents delivering out-dated documents, and a fully audit-compliant history of all stored documents.


From fund trackers and online platforms to data vendors and specialised websites, you can rest easy knowing that your fund documentation is always available and up-to-date on the most important online sites.


We're here to answer any questions you might have.

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