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Our Board of Directors focuses on foreseeing fund industry trends and guides our management team accordingly. Let us introduce them to you.

Bob Kneip

Founder and CHAIRMAN

Over the past two decades, Bob Kneip, founder and CEO of KNEIP, has focused on easing the burden of recurring communication needs and simplifying regulatory obligations, while creating efficiencies for the financial sector.

Since 1998, he has steered the company’s efforts exclusively towards the investment funds industry with dedicated teams, specific technology and processes.

Today, Bob leads the digital strategy and transformation of KNEIP, continuing to bring his vision and help the company bring innovation to the market.

Bob actively participates in national and international industry bodies and initiatives. Supported by a strong team and robust systems, Bob’s ambition is to be fund industry’s reference in regulatory reporting and investor disclosure


Independent Advisor, Independent Director Chairman of the Board of Directors

Marie-Jeanne is an Independent Advisor, Independent Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors at KNEIP.

André Prüm

Professor in Law, Chair in Financial,
Banking and Business Law

André is Professor in Law, Founding Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance he holds the Chair in Financial, Banking and Business Law at the University of Luxembourg.

Diane Muller-Kneip

Chief Human Resources and Governance Officer (AUTHORIZED MANAGEMENT)

Chief Human Resources and Governance Officer Diane has been with KNEIP since 2000. Having held positions in London and Paris, her experience in mergers and acquisitions, and private banking has greatly enhanced the contribution she has made to KNEIP in that time.

Her commitment to the company’s CSR program to help children and improve education is unwavering.


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